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wet and dry problems on the property

My yard has some areas that are extremely wet and other areas that I have a hard time keeping watered for healthy grass. I started researching to find out what I could do to balance out the moisture on my property and found out about some of the landscaping techniques that can be used in such an instance. This blog was created to help other landowners find solutions to the wet or dry problems that they are having with their property. It is my hope that the solutions that my landscaper shared with me can help others improve the quality of their properties.



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How To Prevent Slips And Falls In Your Driveway This Winter

You might love looking at the pretty ice and snow during the winter months, but one thing that you might not love is having the potential to slip and fall. Not only do you probably worry about falling yourself, but you might also worry about your kids and the others in your household slipping and falling. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take to prevent slips and falls in your driveway this winter.

Use Rock Salt

You can buy bulk road salt and keep it on hand for ice and snowstorms -- it's great for preventing ice from sticking to your driveway and for making it melt after the fact. To use it, pour rock salt liberally all over your driveway the day before your area is supposed to experience winter weather conditions. Then, after it snows or after the ice freezes, pour more rock salt on your driveway. This will help you prevent and get rid of any ice and snow, and it will also help provide traction when you're walking around on your driveway.

Be Proactive with Shoveling

The last thing that you might really want to do on a cold winter morning is shovel your driveway. However, working quickly and shoveling it as soon as you can will help you prevent slips and falls. Plus, it will actually make the job a whole lot easier for you if you tackle the ice and snow before they get packed down and become much harder to remove.

Get on a Contract with a Professional Snow Removal Company

Have you thought about getting on a contract with a professional snow removal company? There will probably be times when you won't want to shovel your driveway or when you'll be unable to do it. Getting on a contract with a professional company now will ensure that someone is on their way to come and clear your driveway on snowy and icy mornings, and you won't have to worry about frantically calling around to try to find someone who will come out and get the job done. Plus, you won't have to worry about slipping and falling on your driveway while trying to clear the ice and snow away yourself.

Dealing with snow and ice on your driveway can be one of the worst parts of winter, and you might be worried about slipping and falling. Luckily, following a few tips can hep you stay safe this winter season.