wet and dry problems on the property

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wet and dry problems on the property

My yard has some areas that are extremely wet and other areas that I have a hard time keeping watered for healthy grass. I started researching to find out what I could do to balance out the moisture on my property and found out about some of the landscaping techniques that can be used in such an instance. This blog was created to help other landowners find solutions to the wet or dry problems that they are having with their property. It is my hope that the solutions that my landscaper shared with me can help others improve the quality of their properties.



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Things To Know When Having A Retaining Wall Created Around The Edge Of Your Lakefront Home

Having a lakefront home allows you to see beautiful views of the lake each and every morning. When you have a lakefront home, it is important to know that having a retaining wall at the edge of your property is essential. A retaining wall keeps the ground that the water hits from wearing away over time. Use the following guide to learn what factors to discuss with a retaining wall builder when designing a retaining wall for your property.

Learn About Your Material Options

You can choose to have the retaining wall created out of wood, stone, or even cement. It is important to make sure that you know what all of your options are to ensure that you make an informed decision.

Learn How the Piles Will be Driven

When a retaining wall is created, large piles are driven into the ground as anchors for the wall. If the ground around the edge of your property is hard or rocky, you want to be sure that the piles are driven with a pile driver rather than being driven by hand. The pile driver will drive the piles a few feet into even the hardest ground to ensure that they are as secure as they can be.

Learn What Height the Company Suggests

You want to be sure that the wall is tall enough to keep wakes from washing over the wall when boats pass by your property. The wall will go into the water quite a few feet and should sit a few feet above the water when they are done being created.

Get an Estimate for Construction Completion Time

Your wall will more than likely not be the only job the retaining wall builders will be working on. You need to be sure that you get an estimate for how long the completion will take so that you can know when you can start using the edges of your lawn again. Depending on how long the wall is, the builders should be able to complete the build within a relatively short period of time; it is not an overly difficult build to do.

Get all of the information in writing to ensure that both you and the company are on the same page during the entire building process. Allow the builders to have the space they need to do the work properly. You may need to remove your boat from the water or keep children away from the edge of the property until the build is complete. If you're looking for a retaining wall builder in your area, visit St Boniface Landscaping & Pavingstone Retaining Walls.